Saturday, February 7, 2009

By popular demand

This one's for you, Uncle Karl


Sue Williams said...

wahh- i cant see it :(

How are you guys doing?? Would love to come visit soon, we will miss you all...

Unc Carl Rosell said...

Very FUNNY !

When you have a fuctioning

movie I shall watch !

Oh my , a creul joke ?,no movie !

Hope you guys are doing well !

Sleep much ? LOL

love, unc Carl

Sue Williams said...

lol- its a crying baby!

unc Carl Rosell said...

OH I could watch little jacob
all night ,but i think Bob
is over it .
Jacob is a cutey pie !

I love the movie !
thank you !

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow ! First time I heard Jacob. I really have to get up to the Cape to meet him.
Love, Aunt Suzette