Wednesday, December 10, 2008



Baby Rosell said...

Still waiting for You tube to "process" the video.

Cabinetbuilder said...

we are sorry video is NO longer
available ????????????
I did not get notice of time of video ,did the movie get a bad revue ?
please redo video ,please .

Glad to hear Mama and baby are doing well .

love , unc Karl

Baby Rosell said...

Youtube is still futzing with it. I have no idea how long it will take

Sue Williams said...

:( still no video - no pics either :( we the audience are so deprived!

Frank and Beth said...

great video! You will be hearing a lot more of that! Enjoy. Now we need to see the happy family....please!

Sue Williams said...

Oh that new baby cry!!

Cabinetbuilder said...

did you check Jacob's
diaper ?
WHO was Jacob looking at ?
Maybe a LOLLY POP would be nice ?

loved the FIRST video !

waiting on family picture !
OH I know it's on your Christmas
cards !

love ,unc karl

Kim B said...

LOVE that cry! He is sooo wonderful.