Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The whole story of how Jacob was born

Dawn started having contractions at about 3:30am on Dec 8. She already had an appointment for a "Non-stress Test" at 10:00 at the hospital. The test confirmed that she was in labor so she was admitted and moved to her room.

At 2:00pm Dawn was dilated about 3cm. She was given her epidermal  at about 2:30.

A short time later, Dawn's blood pressure dropped and they had to give her something for that. For the rest of the night, the blood pressure would be an issue.

At 10pm, the doctor decided it was time to start pushing. Dawn pushed and pushed and pushed but the Jacob's head wouldn't drop where it needed to.

In the mean time, with Dawn's blood pressure being so low and Jacobs's heartbeat racing ever higher the doctor advised that Dawn have a C-Section to ease the drama to Jabob. That was at about midnight.

After they prepped Dawn, I went in and sat near her head and held her shoulders. They had already opened her up by then. It was pretty obvious that Dawn was in a lot of pain. Jacob's head was stuck in Dawn's pelvis and the doctor needed to reach in and squeeze his fingers in next to Jacob's head and guide it back. It hurt. A lot.

After Jacob's head was freed he decide to keep going and ended up spinning into the breech position. Yep, ass under elbows.

At 12:38 am Dec 9, Jacob Alexander's butt was born. At 12:39 the rest of Jacob was born. Both Grandmothers were here.

Dawn was in no shape for nurse Jacob right away, so I gave him his first meal as an air-breather. Since then, it has been all Dawn. I did all the other "maintenance" yesterday. Dawn changed her first diaper today. She was baptized by Jacob while doing her first diaper. What a good boy. Loves his Mommy.

Jacob is healthy and Dawn is recovering as expected!


amanda said...

oh my! hope you're feeling better dawn!

Frank and Beth said...

I hope this the only trouble Jacob will give you - I doubt it though! We hope that you feel better soon. Don't forget to put the diaper over him when you change him or you will be taking A LOT of showers!

Anonymous said...

I thank God and the doctors that all is well and fine. Let the Mommy-ing begin ~ Love, Auntie Q.