Wednesday, December 3, 2008

T Plus 1 Day (Not even born yet Baby Rosell is blogging)

Carol may be on to something with this blogging thing. Instead of emailing everyday I'm just going to post updates to the interwebs.

In a few days I'm going to try to retroactively post all the baby count down emails.

Bert, Dawn, Baby


Kim B said...

DEC 6th, 8lbs 3 oz
Any other predictions...
(sorry Dawn)

CTgirlinKS said...

ooh ooh! Good start Kim!

umm... Dec 4, 7lb 14oz

Wellfleet Mom said...

Dec 7th, 7lbs 12 oz

mejnette said...

dec 5th 6lb 9oz at 7pm

Kathee said...

ummmm, i say dec 8- 7lbs, 3oz.
what do i get if i win???

amanda said...

kathee, you get a niece or nephew :P

my original guess was today, sooo unless i'm behind in the times, i guess i'm wrong! i'll go with december 10th, 8lb 2oz.